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Daniel Caliguire A Pittsburgh Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Lands a Keynote Speaking Engagement

Daniel Caliguire Best selling author

A Pittsburgh Digital Marketing entrepreneur named Daniel Caliguire has landed a keynote speaking engagement with Duquesne University and The Pittsburgh Technology Conference. Daniel will be speaking on the topic of ‘running a successful digital marketing campaign’ to guide business owners in the local areas about facing the complexity of business or entrepreneurship. The Technology Conference makes a significant change in the way people deal with their business concerns.

This Technology Conference is an ideal way to make connections to all parties. For Daniel, it is a great beginning to get connected with the rest of the local business owners who need his help and expertise in such field. Such conference has been designed to keep in touch with different leading experts in the industry, such as Daniel Caliguire.Daniel’s keynote speaking engagement took place last November 14, 2014, Thursday at Pittsburgh PA.

During the said event, he revealed his amazing strategies as a top selling author and entrepreneur. He has shared his unique experiences as an entrepreneur that can be used by the local business owners and entrepreneurs. As the owner of a company, it is imperative to prepare for the future of the business by understanding and learning about the strategies, processes and regulations involved in a field. Thus, the presence of Daniel will be a great help to those who are still unaware or confused of their responsibilities within a business environment.


As part of his extensive knowledge and abundant experience in the field of entrepreneurship, he has already released different products that can be useful to local business owners. He has created online entrepreneur training videos which are offered for free. These videos lead the viewers to revelations of secrets to live digital lifestyle with ease, confidence and convenience. They will show the proper monetization of online expertise and passion in only ten simple steps.

Daniel Caliguire is a passionate digital marketing entrepreneur and best selling author on Amazon with  Sales guru, Brian Tracey.

For more information, please visit http://www.danielcaliguire.com/or http://www.digitalbuzzmonkeys.com/ to stay updated with Daniel’s products and announcements.


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