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How You Can Get Higher Lead Conversions Using ClickFunnels

Most people dislike filling up forms. When you need to fill in a form, give away your details or when you need to give your private information, it’s understandable that the majority would like to avoid doing this task.

If you’re on the receiving end of the form, you’ll find it a pain. So, it only makes sense for marketers to design the form in such a way as to lessen the sense of dread in filling out forms.

There are many things you can add to your form, but the most important thing to do when optimising order forms is to consider User Experience.

And with the new ClickFunnels 2.0 Editor, customising your order form just got easier.

What You Can Add To Your Order Form

Add Verification Seals

Adding verification seals into your order form will assure your buyers that their information, especially their credit card information, is safe and that the transaction will be processed securely. Doing so will not only evoke a sense of security in your visitors, but will also compel them into converting because they know your site can be trusted.


TIP: Use a secured payment processor and let your visitors know. That way, they will be assured that their payment information is encrypted and secured.

Use Testimonials


(Order form above was posted in the ClickFunnels group, courtesy of Dan Henry)

Using testimonials as a social proof is another way to evoke a sense of security in your visitors. Because they know that your product or service has been tried and tested before, they know that it is the real deal. Seeing testimonials on your order form can also give your visitors an insight on what to expect.

TIP: Include a statement in your order form asking customers if you can contact them in the future and ask for their testimonials which you will use for marketing purposes.

This will give the impression that you are interested to provide assistance beyond the sale and that you are genuinely interested to know how your product or service fared for other customers.


Use Exit Pop-Ups

Exit pop-ups are effective deterrents when visitors attempt to navigate away from your order page. Sure, they can get annoying sometimes, but they can have the opposite effect if you do it right.

By adding discount codes, discounted prices or offering free trials into exit pop-ups, you give visitors the time to reconsider before they navigate away with useful incentives for staying with you and for considering to push through the transaction.

Easily add exit pop-ups to any of your funnel step, by clicking the Pop-Up settings on the top of your editor. There, you will have the option of creating a new pop-up, designing your pop-up and setting when the pop-up shows up on the screen.


Add A Guarantee

A moneyback guarantee is another great way of assuring your visitors that doing business with you is worthwhile. By offerring to give back their money under a time period in the event that they are not satisfied, they are assured that you have the utmost confidence in the quality of your product or assured that you are more than willing to give their money back if their expectations fall short.


TIP: Add a Moneyback Guarantee seal to your order page instead of plain text.


Restate The Features

Align your sales page with your landing page by restating the features of your product or service mentioned in your landing page. That way, visitors will be reminded of why they should consider finalising the transaction with you.

Add the customisations mentioned above into your order form using ClickFunnels.

What To Do Next

After optimising your order form to increase conversion, the next step is to create variations to your order form and split test. Split testing ensures that you are using the best form possible with the potential to attract more sales.

Aside from split testing, consider the following tips:

  1. Consider using a short form and only include important fields in the form.
  2. Most visitors are put off when contact numbers are required, make it optional and ask permission if you can contact them in the future.
  3. Take UX into consideration when creating your order forms
  4. Create a copy which compels them into converting
  5. State what comes next when clicking the “Buy” button
  6. Left-align your labels to increase readability
  7. Add placeholders in your form fields to give subtle instructions
  8. Set your form validation errors in-line, so visitors know where they made errors
  9. Add a “show password” feature instead of making your visitors input their password twice is more efficient
  10. If you must use a form with a lot of fields, consider using a 2-step order form.

You can choose to create your own order form from scratch or choose from the selection of Order Form templates available to ClickFunnels. On your funnel Click Add New Step > Name your page > Sales > Order Form.


Bear in mind that you can add your own design elements to the order form. Click Edit Page and you can go ahead and edit it accordingly. Add elements, integration, SEO settings, etc.


Create awesome copy with Funnel Scripts! If you don’t have time to hire a copywriter or if you aren’t confident in your writing skills, this tool is your best bet. If you haven’t registered yet, get a copy here.


ClickFunnels Action Steps

Adding A 2-Step Order Form

Step 1: Log in to your ClickFunnels Account

Step 2: Go to Funnels > Choose the funnel you want to edit > Go to your Order Page

Step 3: Click Edit Page

Step 4: Click Add New Row and choose the number of columns


Step 5: Click Add New Element and choose 2-Step Order


Step 6: Edit the order form


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Looking For A Killer Digital Marketing Sales Funnel? Check Out this Example Template!

sales funnel example

What is a Sales and Marketing funnel and why do you need one?

A review of Dollar Shave Club’s $140m online marketing strategy- You should copy this!

Original post  

The Dollar Shave Club has been the focus of many case studies since it launched in 2012 with a revolutionary viral video that generated 12,000 new customers in the first 48 hours, growing to 330,000 customers by 2013, and on track to generate $140 million this year.

Here’s the video…

Let’s see what a $140 million a year website looks like…

Note: this review is on the Dollar Shave Club’s Australian website.

A pure sales funnel

The entire Dollar Shave Club is one big sales funnel, with every page of the website driving people to the 3-step order process.

The website is simple – only 6 pages in total (excluding pages like Blog, Privacy, Terms etc) – with a singular focus… get the visitor into the 3-step order process wherever they are on the site.

Dollar Shave Club’s website is a shining example of how to convert visitors into buyers. Let’s take a look at the website in detail to see why…

Home page

What’s interesting about the Dollar Shave Club’s home page is that every section of the home page links to the same page – Step 1 in the Order Process.

This is a great way to promote different sales points without distracting the customer from buying.

The only frustrating part of this site is that the ‘Free Blades For Life’ banner in the header area links to Step 1 of the Order Process, even though the information on how to get free blades for life is in the banner at the bottom of the home page. I recommend fixing this to reduce the friction that is caused when visitors don’t receive the information they’re looking for after clicking this element.

Let’s take a look at a predictive eye-tracking analysis of the home page…

As you can see from the heatmap, attention is focused on the video and the 2 sections below the video, with the main call-to-action ‘Do It’ barely visible on first glance.

But that doesn’t really matter, because every section on the page (except the video) directs the visitor to Step 1 of the Order Process.

Let’s take a look at a perception map to see which sections are instantly visible when a visitor lands on the site…

One of the first things a visitor sees when they land on the site is a testimonial of how much a customer has saved with Dollar Shave Club. What’s great about this is that it’s a customer who is saying how much they saved, not Dollar Shave Club.

After seeing the testimonial, the visitor’s eyes are drawn to the ‘Our Blades’ section that quickly shows the visitor how much the blades cost, which is excellent.

When a visitor has seen the video and the 2 main sales points, they are likely engaged with the site and will continue to engage with the rest of the home page and either click the main call-to-action ‘Do It’ or one of the 3 sections.

Either way, it doesn’t matter because the visitor is taken to Step 1 of the Order Process regardless of what they click.

Love it.

Order Process

This is a classic online sales funnel where a visitor is already in the checkout before they even know it.

Let’s take a look at each step…

Step 1

Nearly every link on every page of the site links to this page.

The headline ‘Be Bold’ talks to an emotion rather than to a feature, which connects with visitors on a deeper level than a feature would. It’s also a fun play on words (ie bold vs bald).

The sub-headline then personifies the razors and continues the emotional connection with the visitor.

The layout is excellent, with all 3 options visible above the fold, and pricing clearly visible on the product image.

Details of each subscription are listed below the ‘Select’ button for each product, with an option to ‘show more details’. I’m not sure why they made this clickable, as there isn’t a lot of information there and it would make sense to show all the features without clicking. It might be because fewer features are easier to scan, to make it easy for someone to browse and then expand upon if they’re interested.

Let’s take a look at a predictive eye-tracking analysis of Step 1 of the Order Process…

All of the important parts of the page are instantly visible, which is great. I also really like that the sub-headline gets some attention as well, as the word ‘mighty’ suggests that the razors are sturdy.

Let’s take a look at a perception map to see what sections are visible when a visitor lands on the page…

The headline, sub-headline, call-to-action, and 2 products are instantly visible. Great work.

Step 2

Once a visitor selects the razor subscription they want to purchase, they are taken to this page…

I love this page. It’s clear, simple, and you can either sign up with Facebook (which is awesome) or with an email + password.

I would always give users the option of signing up with Facebook and ensure they don’t need to enter a password once they have (I can’t tell you how many sites I try to sign up with Facebook, only to have me select a password once I’ve connected… very frustrating).

We already know this is a well laid-out page, but let’s take a look at a predictive eye-tracking analysis anyway…

Nothing more to say on this page.

And here’s a perception map…

Great work.

Step 3

Once a visitor has signed up, they’re taken to the payment page (the last step in the process)…

This is a really well-designed page, for a number of reasons:

  • The product being purchased (and its price) is clearly visible
  • The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is right next to the price
  • They connect with their customers on an emotional level with the 3 inspirational quotes
  • The Credit Card section includes a lock symbol to show the buyer that the checkout is secure
  • They ask for the minimum amount of information to complete the purchase
  • The call-to-action ‘Check Out’ is clearly visible
  • They include the Norton Secured badge near the Check Out button to give the buyer extra comfort with entering their credit card information
  • All links are removed from the page (ie header navigation, footer navigation etc) so the buyer can do nothing else but complete their purchase.

Here’s a predictive eye-tracking analysis of the payment page…

And here’s a perception map of the page…

As with the rest of the website, the page is designed and laid out well, making it easy for the buyer to complete their purchase.

Viral Loop

A viral loop is a marketing mechanism where customers are used to bring in more customers by sharing Dollar Shave Club with their friends in exchange for something of value.

Dollar Shave Club offers their customer a free month of razors for every referral that signs up for their service, and they include this offer in a number of points after purchase to encourage sharing.

Thank You page

On the page after the order is completed, customers are presented with the option to share on Facebook, Twitter and by email to get free razors…

Email receipt

The message is repeated in the receipt that is emailed after the purchase is completed…

Account page

And it’s a big focus of the Account page, where customers can manage their subscription.

They’ve even gamified their referral program with their Free Shave Meter…

This is growth hacking at its best.

The viral messages

Here are the viral messages that are auto-populated when you click on the share icons…

Email share message

Facebook share message

Twitter share message

All of the messages are in line with their brand, and they leverage their most successful viral video for customers who want to share on Facebook (to maximise engagement).


Another really important part of Dollar Shave Club’s success is their Cancellation process.


Because every customer you prevent from cancelling is additional revenue in your pocket… without the cost of acquiring that customer again.

Here’s the Membership Options page (notice how they don’t call it ‘Cancel Membership’?)…

Instead of just taking a customer to the cancellation page, Dollar Shave Club gives the customer the option to reduce their subscription to once every 2 months, rather than monthly. Great thinking.

And if the customer still wants to cancel, they click on ‘Other Options’ and are taken to this page…

I really like how they have continued the emotional wording in the headline (ie ‘Go. Just… Go).  And then ask for feedback on why the customer is cancelling.

One point of improvement (there aren’t many in this review) is that when someone selects one of the options (eg unsatisfied with your service), Dollar Shave Club should try to answer their objection and give them another offer – say for example ‘Why not give us a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx? We’d love to talk this through with you’. Or giving them a bigger discount to stay. Definitely something to test.

I also like that it’s not really easy to find where to cancel. You can definitely find it with a couple of clicks, but they make it a little hard to find out how to cancel, which is good for reducing the cancellation rate.

How It Works page

I really like how the ‘how it works’ page uses imagery to explain how the service works, rather than text. It’s a lot more engaging and keeps the visitor clicking.

Our Blades page

I wanted to include this page as it’s essentially the same as Step 1 in the Order Process, but in a vertical layout rather than horizontal.

I wonder why they chose to include this page when it’s so similar to Step 1 of the Order Process. Maybe it’s to test a different layout. Maybe they want to show all the information about each product on a page that isn’t directly part of the sales funnel.

If anyone from Dollar Shave Club is reading, I’d love to hear why in the comments section below.

Not mobile-friendly!

I was really surprised to see that the website was not mobile-friendly.

Here’s how it looks on an iPhone 6…

I had to triple check that I wasn’t missing something here, especially because of the phenomenal success (and traffic) that they receive from social media… and the fact that most people access social media via their smartphone!

I’m not sure how they missed this, but it’s definitely something to fix urgently.

Note: if you’re from Dollar Shave Club, get in touch with me via LinkedIn and I’d be happy to design you a mobile / responsive website in exchange for a lifetime supply of razors 🙂

The marketing

Dollar Shave Club has been the focus of many different case studies on how to leverage video and social media to drive massive growth for a business.

When they first launched, their viral videos were the reason they grew so quickly. They have tried to replicate the success they generated from that first video but haven’t been able to yet.

That doesn’t really matter though, as they are now valued at $615 million in their fourth year of business, with more than 2 million customers who receive something from Dollar Shave Club at least every other month.

Interested in learning more about Dollar Shave Club’s success? Then check these articles out:

Do you need help building a killer sales funnel like the Dollar Shave club? I can help. Schedule a funnel strategy session with me right now.

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Daniel Caliguire

Daniel Caliguire A Pittsburgh Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Lands a Keynote Speaking Engagement

Daniel Caliguire Best selling author

A Pittsburgh Digital Marketing entrepreneur named Daniel Caliguire has landed a keynote speaking engagement with Duquesne University and The Pittsburgh Technology Conference. Daniel will be speaking on the topic of ‘running a successful digital marketing campaign’ to guide business owners in the local areas about facing the complexity of business or entrepreneurship. The Technology Conference makes a significant change in the way people deal with their business concerns.

This Technology Conference is an ideal way to make connections to all parties. For Daniel, it is a great beginning to get connected with the rest of the local business owners who need his help and expertise in such field. Such conference has been designed to keep in touch with different leading experts in the industry, such as Daniel Caliguire.Daniel’s keynote speaking engagement took place last November 14, 2014, Thursday at Pittsburgh PA.

During the said event, he revealed his amazing strategies as a top selling author and entrepreneur. He has shared his unique experiences as an entrepreneur that can be used by the local business owners and entrepreneurs. As the owner of a company, it is imperative to prepare for the future of the business by understanding and learning about the strategies, processes and regulations involved in a field. Thus, the presence of Daniel will be a great help to those who are still unaware or confused of their responsibilities within a business environment.


As part of his extensive knowledge and abundant experience in the field of entrepreneurship, he has already released different products that can be useful to local business owners. He has created online entrepreneur training videos which are offered for free. These videos lead the viewers to revelations of secrets to live digital lifestyle with ease, confidence and convenience. They will show the proper monetization of online expertise and passion in only ten simple steps.

Daniel Caliguire is a passionate digital marketing entrepreneur and best selling author on Amazon with  Sales guru, Brian Tracey.

For more information, please visit to stay updated with Daniel’s products and announcements.


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